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On this page you can listen to some audio examples of my drumming. Have fun!.

All audio files on this site
- even the drums I recorded for Sascha Thieltges and Thomas Anders CDs -
were recorded totally LIVE when it comes to my drums!
No cuts and no editing at all.
So you get a very authentic impression of my drumming!

Sascha Thieltges

The following snippets are taken from the album "Heart Of Steel" by Sascha Thieltges.

Sascha Thieltges - all guitars & bass
Daniel Thieltges - drums
Vladan Mijatovic - piano & keys (For You | Heart Of Steel | Rest In Peace)


The following songs and snippets are from a live recording of GrooveService recorded March 23, 2010 - Loft Cologne.

Sascha Thieltges - guitar
Vigan Kuci - piano
Alex Rönz - bass
Daniel Thieltges - drums

Thomas Anders

For Thomas Anders Album "Christmas For You" I recorded 3 Tracks.

Thomas Anders - vocals, backing vocals
Frank Reudenbach - backing vocals
Jutta Cappallo - backing vocals
Sascha Thieltges - guitars
Wolfgang Ritter - bass on "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"
Daniel Thieltges - drums
Achim Brochhausen - producing, arrangement and all other instruments

You can hear my drumming on "Christmas Is Just Around The Corner" | "Sleigh Ride" | "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year".


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